Stonewall Creations by Scott Bolotin

The Messenger, Bellows Falls, Vt. Sept. 9, 2009

Stonewall Creations by Scott Bolotin
Stonewall Creations by Scott Bolotin

ROCKINGHAM, VT. - Scott and Laurie Bolotin, owners of Morningstar Perennials on Darby Hill in Rockingham, started their own home perennial gardens and dried flower farm in 1986 and over the years have grown to include over cultivating more than 500 varieties of hardy perennials, shrubs and trees, including many uncommon and hard-to-find varieties.

Photos courtesy of Stonewall Creations
However along with their seasonal perennial business, Scott has also been creating the art of stonewalls for some 15 years for residencies and business in the area. So, how did Bolotin become interested in building stonewalls?
“While working for Gordon Hayward, I was fortunate enough to work alongside Dan Snow, a master stonewaller,” Bolotin said in a recent, exclusive Messenger interview.

“Dan exposed me to the british techniques of the Dry Stone association. Since becoming self-employed since 1999, I have continued my work in this tradition.”
Bolotin can create stonewalls of any length or height, as well as stone steps and various flatworks such as patios, paths and walkways. “The foundation of my business is that I do not use any mortar,” Bolotin added. “When a wall is built properly, it should stand strong for decades. Walls should withstand the test of time, be durable and look like they have always been a part of the landscape.”

Whenever possible he also tries to utilize on-site stone, however if not available, Bolotin tries to find stone that matches whatever might be on the property. “I have a particular talent for creation of stonework that suits the natural landscape,” Bolotin concluded. “Stonewalling is an art and dry stonewallers are “nature artists”. “When I investigate the landscape of a property where I will be building a wall, steps or flatwork, I take into consideration not only the goal of the final outcome (the finished construction) but also the broader vision of how it will blend with the natural elements of the property.

“This is the creative element of what i do as a stonewaller.”
Obviously by the detailed work in these photos, Scott Bolotin certainly leaves no stone unturned. To learn more about Bolotin’s stonewall services or Scott and Laurie’s Morningstar Perennials, call 463-3433 or visit Morningstar at